"Success is only another form of failure if we forget what our priorities should be"

You know who I am, I'm Rupert Prince 7th year Slytherin, Quidditch Keeper. Currently dating Emma Vanity. Secretly engaged.

Not much you need to know except my name. Got questions? go ahead and ask but I cant promise ill answer them. Piss off and Don't make me angry, You'll regret it if you do. I may however be a"a nice guy if I choose to.

"It is a man's own mind, not his enemy or foe, that lures him to evil ways"

{ 7th year }
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7th Year Slytherun
Rupert Prince


I have decided it is best that I leave my characters and possibly this roleplay for good. This has been mine and Mod Jess’s Roleplay for the past few months and I have grown to love it but the thing is this is the third revamp of the Roleplay. It has been closed and open because of Rpers leaving and the RP going off and dying and since the start Rp I have had a hard time enjoying my time here, both my characters, both Remus and Rupert have not been able to plot or para much, except with my Rp Partner who plays Emma. As much as I love our ship as much as I love writing for it I can’t continue in this rp anymore. 

It is bascally the only thing keeping me here but sometimes it’s not enough. I have tried as I promised to work it out, ask for paras and plots but I have received nothing, I hope you all understand how frustrating that is and why I have decided to go the route I have decided. 

I wished it could have worked out..

Mod Ellie. 

Love to Jess, I’m really sorry. 

To all others: You are great Rpers and wonderful people. I wished I have gotten to know you. 

I got a dog!!


and he needs a name..

Any suggestions?

No idea why but how about Nicoli? Means people of victory, sounds like a good strong name. -shrug- 

I will hold as long as you like || Emma and Rupert


Despite everything they had been through in the past few weeks Emma couldn’t help but get lost in his eyes and that smile. It was her weakness….one that she was sure he knew about and exploited at every turn.

“Of course I’ll go with you…I’d love nothing more.” she said with a shy smile of her own.

Everything swirled in the back of her mind threatening to take this moment away from them but Emma fought to remain in control of her temper. She knew that if they were to have any chance at making things work that she was going to have to forgive him and move on. It all rested on her shoulders and how much she was willing to sacrifice for him, to make this work.

“When are we going?” she asked brushing a soft kiss at the corner of his lips.

Rupert smiled, Emma was trying, he knew that it was impossibly hard for her but she was for them. To make this relationship work between them rather then letting it fall apart. It was the first sign in awhile that he knew it was a sure sign of them getting back on track. He knew that he would have be honest with her from now on, gain her trust if he hadn’t already lost it and he would have to be more open himself to her and let her into his life. Avoid having this all over again. It was horrible enough to go through once, the slow and lonely wait to have her finally face him again was slow, it was torture. The feeling was worse then the dark mark, the burn he received from it was even better. At least it was a brief, it was a short burn, rather then the feeling of utter despair he got from the month of without Emma, having her angry and knowing that he caused her this pain still, upset him. He was guilty. 

“This weekend? Will that work for you, Emma?” he asked, biting his lip to suppress the small grin that threatened to make it way onto his face. He was feeling proud, too proud that it seemed like he was an absolute git. He was finally get back to her but he still, he wasn’t out of the woods with her and had a ways to go before everything went back to normal. 

“If that’s too soon, I can wait” he offered, placing a brief kiss on her lips. His fingers combed through her hair gently as waited for her replied. Allowing her to take her time, always letting her take the pace of the relationship. 

Does anyone ever actually go to the boathouse for a boat?


yes, I believe some people do. How else would you get into those murky waters of the black lake?

How often do you need to?

Depends, I myself prefer the swim in the black lake but there is the odd chance I take a boat right out there. Not very often but at least the boats are used. The only other time the boats are out is during the first years arrival to the castle. It seems like a waste to keep them up in the boat house tied up all the time.. 

Does anyone ever actually go to the boathouse for a boat?


yes, I believe some people do. How else would you get into those murky waters of the black lake?

Anyone out there as bored as I am?


How could you possibly be bored in a place like Hogwarts?

I have to much time on my hands and nothing to do with it. Aside from quidditch practice and school work and little time with the girlfriend, there’s nothing else really to do. Oh, and a hello to you, Marlene. We haven’t been properly introduced. Name’s Rupert..

I will hold as long as you like || Emma and Rupert


Emma listened quietly as he spoke. She knew it wasn’t his intention but she felt guiltier and guiltier by the second. She was being stubborn. That was all there was to it. It was a messed up situation and she could either continue to make it worse or just put an end to everything.

“Maybe we should sneak away for the weekend? We didn’t get a chance to work through things before we came back to school. It was just…a huge fight and then we were back here. I think we need to spend some time together. Like real time. Not this few hours in the evening in the common room bs.” she knew her suggestion probably sounded like it was coming from nowhere, but really it made perfect sense. They needed to reconnect. What Rupert had done had made everything off balanced. Where before they had made it a point to share everything with each other, now they were almost strangers. It had to be fixed. They had to be fixed.

“I’m sorry for being so stubborn…I’m really trying not to. I know it doesn’t seem like it but I am. I just…I miss you. I miss us…” she said giving him a small smile and leaning her forehead against his.

He sighed and smiled softly, looking into her eyes with his forehead pressed against her. “I know, you can’t control how you feel about the situation and I can’t judge you for feeling the way you do about all of this. It was my fault in the first place, mine because I was stubborn too. I wasn’t trying to make you feel like you had any choice in the matter, force you to accept it that way it was- I” he stopped himself from going on any further. Enough about it now, they would be going around in circles with it and he was finished. He got to hear what he wanted anyways, to have her say that she wanted them, him and her, tired of being estranged from one another and feeling like strangers. They had been friend together for seven a couple for two months or more, why break the relationship they had built up because of one moment. She was right about having a weekend away, just them and no one else. Salvage what they had, what he nearly ruined from this mess. 

“I miss you too and I’m glad you still want this, us,  to be honest I was afraid I was going to lose you” he said, whispers the last part more quietly then he intended to. There was so much he wanted to say about it but he had a feeling she already knew what was going on in his mind. Emma could always tell what was going on, knowing before he even said it. He closed his eyes for a moment, blinking hard and letting out a breath, relaxing himself. The first time in a month he was feeling something other then despair, sadness, bitterness and anger. He was able to let that go. It felt like a small weight was lifted off his shoulders and he could breathe again. Bring back some normality into his life and have a sense of happiness. 

“A weekend away would be good, anything as long as its away from here. There is a place I was thinking about bring you to before. Before well- you know” he replied, awkwardly trying to find his words but only finding himself to give up in the end, unable to find the right words to explain to her what he meant by it all. 

He watched her and stared, watching her eyes and going over her features. He absentmindedly lifted a hand to trace the line across her cheek bone, as if he was trying to remember her after being apart for what felt like years was only just weeks, horribly long weeks. 

Rupert smiled shyly and let his hand move along her neck, gently making its way to her shoulder. He gave it a small reassuring squeeze. “Would you go away with me there?” he asked, in a quiet and gentle tone so only she could hear.